MySQL Datagenerator

About me


Programming is my work and hobby

My name is Paul Wolbers and i live in the Netherlands.

Programming is my hobby since 1995.
I started to make my own website with some basic HTML and CSS to put some of the Wolbers ancestry stuff i had found out online. In the years there were several layout changes. The last layout became the base for my current website,

Since 2007 i am a professional software engineer and in the evenings i work on several hobby projects.
First i started to improve my website. From a HTML-only website i turned it into a database driven small CMS. Just for personal use. I have a lot of experience now with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Smarty, Javascript, ExtJS, jQuery and CSS.

In 2008 i made the first version of MySQL Datagenerator. It was PHP and HTML based.
At work i often needed random data in my database to check and test the applications i was working on. So i started to build my datagenerator that would insert random data easily in my database.
When i got to know ExtJS better, in 2009, i integrated that in the application. Then the application made big steps forward.

My other project i'm working on for the last years is my PHP/MYSQL solution for the jQuery plugin Fullcalendar, by Adam Shaw.
There were many questions on how to be able te edit calendaritems and save them in a database. So i created that and i'm still working on that.